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Counselling Services for Teens and Their Parents

I provide counselling for teens, parent teen relationships, and family counselling.

Office location: 2nd Floor 5050 Kingsway Burnaby near Metrotown Station

Mon 12:30 – 7:30
Tues thru Friday from 10:30am – 7:30pm

Length of Counselling Sessions:

Length of counselling sessions can meet your needs for where you are at with your life and situation. We can make a decision for 50 or 90 minute sessions depending on your needs and schedule.

Teen Counselling:

Teen Counselling can help your troubled teen get the attention they need. This approach frees up your teenager to feel safe enough to explore themselves without fear or embarrassment.

Parent Counselling:

Parent counselling is for parents who seek personal care and want to focus on themselves to make changes in the relation to their teens.

Family Counselling:

Family counselling includes meeting with all your family members at one time. However, if this is not possible at times, then sessions with part of the family can be arranged.

Parent Group for Improving Parent Teen Relationships

Help for parents of troubled teens

Let’s take care of you as a parent. This group is specifically designed for you as a parent to look at yourself and how you can get more control over yourself and therefore improve relationship patterns with your teen and within your family.

If you are a parent of a troubled teen contact me for a free 10-minute consultation.

If your teen or family could use counselling, please call for your free 10-minute consultation at 604-786-0709.

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Klaus Klein, MA, RCC
Phone: 604-786-0709

KDK Counselling services for the Burnaby area.

Klaus Klein - Parent and Teen Counsellor

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