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Centred Parenting Program

7 Sessions Fall/Winter Program
Being Offered Starting Thursday November 3 2016

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Facilitated by
Klaus Klein MA, RCC with over 15 years experience working with teens and adults.

Strengthen Your Parenting Skills, Regain Your Sense of Self, and Bring More Peace Back in Your Life

In this Parenting Program you will discover how to:

  • improve communication with your teen
  • handle confrontations and conflict
  • develop the confidence and the skills to resolve the problems you are having with your teen
  • remain calm and rational during heated moments with your teen
  • make decisions that are healthy for you, your teen, and the rest of your family
  • enjoy being yourself more

The joy of parenting often entails making tough decisions, many times under stress. This is especially true if you have teens that are pushing your buttons.

The focus of this parenting program is on you the parent. The goal is to help you understand the relationship patterns you have with your teen and the different coping styles you gravitate to when stress levels are high.

In this program, you will learn how to remain present with your teen especially during turbulent times. You will discover how to develop effective methods of parenting your teen that bring you more of what you want in your relationship with him or her.

Parent group member

This course [parenting program] has greatly helped in my ability to deal with my teens. I think they are much more likely to open up to me and be honest, even if it is not what I want to hear. I also feel less stressed about stuff that is clearly their issues and not mine. I also felt a real sense that Klaus was with us every step of the way, and I appreciate his compassion and caring for all of us, and the kids too.

The premise of this parenting program is that the one and only thing you truly have control over is yourself.

If you are not in control of yourself then you can’t be in charge of highly emotional situations with your teen. Once you know how to maintain control over yourself you will be able to maintain a strong connection to your teen in times of stress. You will also have a far better chance of influencing behavior in a positive direction.

This program is not designed to go deeper into the ‘problem’. It is designed to go deeper into ‘you’ as the parent.

If you are looking for quick behavior solutions then this will not be the right program for you.

What this program will do for you as the parent is take you into your own inner resources so that you can ‘be’ different with your son or daughter.

This is where the real creative parenting answers come from for deep lasting changes specifically for you, your situation, and your relationships.

Parenting Program Outline

The 7 sessions in this parenting program will include experiential exercises and mini lectures on teen development. The experiential component is based on the Satir model for therapy. This model focuses on your internal processes and how to handle your teen in a more effective and congruent way. You will learn and practice skills that will help you communicate better with your teen. Other materials are based on ScreamFree Parenting by Hal Runkel MA, AMFT.

7 Modules in sequential order:

  1. Your Internal Process And How It Impacts Your Relationship With Your Teen: Introduction to a Personal Internal Metaphor – Explore and make sense of your internal process when interacting with your teen. You will first gain clarity on your own thoughts, feelings, and the expectations you have when relating to your teen. You will then discover how to use yourself in a more proactive way when interacting with your teen. Introducing ScreamFree materials and workbook.

  2. Coping Stances: Looking at Your Patterns of Relating to Your Teen – Discover how you react with your teen and how this influences your teen’s behavior. Look at your part of the relationship and change the pattern to get control of yourself and the situation with your teenage son or daughter. You will see how you can influence your teen’s behavior through changing your own behavior.

  3. Difficult Parenting Moments: Internal Process & Practice – Deepen skills for yourself so that you can handle stressful situations with your teen better. Practice your skills for dealing with your teen based on present day scenarios. Practice coming from a congruent stance instead of using a coping stance to change the relationship.

  4. Examining the Ingredients of an Interaction with Your Teen – You will break down and discover the small moments that make up an interaction with your teen. You will see what happens when certain words are exchanged between you and your teen and how you both become defensive. You will practice slowing down the speed of interactions with your teen in order to get control of your defensive reactions. This will help you maintain control in difficult situations.

  5. The Impact of Reacting Emotionally to Your Teen – You will look at how your disappointments, frustration, sadness, and anger can push your teen further away. You will experience the letting go of negative emotions and ideas so that you can actually move closer to your teen.

  6. Self-Care as a Parent – What does this really mean for you taking of yourself as the adult? How do you fill your 'internal cup' when you’re always giving? Learn an internal framework to check in and know to get your energy back where it’s needed so you can be at your best.

  7. Anchor the Positive changes You Have Made with Your Teen – In the last session you will reaffirm and celebrate the new awareness and the positive changes you have made with your teen. You will develop a plan to continue to implement your new behaviors in order to strengthen your relationship with your teen even in the coming years.

Julie C. – mother and former teacher

I found the parenting program to be the best, most practical and helpful ‘class’. I felt very supported during the whole process. I feel more hopeful about the boys and more at peace with myself.


Starting Thursdays November 2016
Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm

7 Sessions in Sequential order

Nov 2016

Module 1 – Nov 3
Module 2 – Nov 10
Module 3 – Nov 24

January 2017

Module 4 – Jan 12
Module 5 – Jan 19
Module 6 – Jan 26

Feb 2017

Module 7 – Feb 2


Greentree Village Community Centre
4295 Garden Grove Drive, Burnaby

Near BCIT off of Wayburne Drive Corner of Village Dr. and Garden Grove Drive. Free parking on street.

17.5 hours in total of group learning and support that significantly improves the relationship with your teens now and in the future.

If you were to work with me privately, whichmany people do, the price for over 17 hours would be at a $2362.50 value.

The investment in this program is set at $637.00.


NOW: $597 (Early Bird rate before November 1, 2016)

With this program you invest $597 for over 17 hours of training, support, and learning.

Inclusive Materials:

  • Free ScreamFree book
  • Parenting Handouts included


Bring a partner, spouse, or parenting-friend for FREE!!

That is a Special 2-For-One-Price Program OFFER!!

They must attend the first session to qualify and be committed to attending the 7 sessions.

Space is limited, so first to sign up get priority.

For more information on this program or to register call 604-786-0709 or send an e-mail to

The Program will be facilitated by Klaus Klein MA, RCC.


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