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Why Do Teens Lie?

Sometimes when working with parents there can be this idea of some deep sinister reason why teens lie. Or specifically why their son or daughter won't tell the truth. Read more

Single Parent Raising a Teen

One thing that comes up is how single parents can become the target of a teen son or daughter's anger and resentment. Read more

Changing a Parent's Past Pain Into Medicine

Parents often want their children to avoid negative experiences, unwelcome situations, or even a trauma they themselves had gone through while growing up. Read more

We Have Kids! – Now What About the Marriage?

While working with a couple in my office, something became very clear about their relationship. This couple had the idea that the marriage would just naturally continue be fine in the middle of all their daily busyness. Read more

Marriage and Raising Kids

A marriage can often be seen as less important that raising the kids. When in reality, it is one of the most important aspects and influences on raising kids. Read more

Losing Your Kid -- When You’re Child Turns Into A Teen

A few months ago my son became a teenager. I’ve watched this happen with many of my clients and their children over the past 15 years that I’ve been a therapist…and, now it is happening to me as well. Read more

To Pick Up The Gauntlet Or Not

In medieval times to throw down the gauntlet is to issue a challenge to someone else. The gauntlet that Hal Runkel refers to in his book, “ScreamFree Parenting” is about how teenagers will throw down a gauntlet or challenge to their parents to start an argument. Just as it was in medieval times, as parents we have choice whether we pick up that “gauntlet” or not. Read more

Parents As Leaders for Their Teens

Working with teens on a daily basis in groups, classrooms, wilderness settings, and in my private counselling office I see that every move you make as an adult has an impact on them. Teens want to learn appropriate ways of handling situations in life. Teenagers will watch how I treat or react to a co-worker, a parent, or handle a difficult situation. They will test and see how I react to something that they think might be shocking to me. Read more

Giving Consequences vs "Wisdom Lectures"

In an article by Jenny Runkel, a teacher in Atlanta, Georgia and member of The Scream Free Parenting Institute, she shares her experience of learning an important concept about giving consequences to children verses relying on logic and wisdom. As a teacher and parent, she was reminded of a lesson that just about every parent or adult working with kids has to face at some point. Read more

When Drugs Enter Your Home

You know that things have really gotten bad, when you realize that your son or daughter is not only doing drugs and drinking, but now you find drugs hidden in your home. Rightfully so, you are upset, confused and afraid. Most importantly, you are not sure what to do. You may have had past experiences that end up in a shouting match and you don't want that to happen again. Read more

The Fear Of Parenting Your Teen

Most parents have felt some kind of fear when it comes to parenting. It is a natural part of being a parent because we care and want to protect our loved ones and those close to us. However, fear can also get in the way of a healthy parenting relationship. Read more

When Teens are in Trouble: What They Need From Their Parents

What does it take to encourage a teen to face a problem directly rather than running away from it? How can you raise your children so that when something happens instead of fearing your reaction as their parent, they realize that they actually need your help and support in facing the problem? Read more

Marriage, Family, and the Impact of Economic Stress

You may not be in control of your job or the economic downturn, but you and your spouse can always find positive and resourceful ways to handle the impact of economic stress on your marriage and your family. How you handle this stress can actually bring you closer to each other. It does not have to cause distance and continual conflict. Read more

The Business VS. Relationship Side of Parenting

Consequences, accountability, and making unpopular decisions are part of the ' business side' of parenting your teen. Fun, laughter, nurturing behaviour, and play are part of the 'relationship side' of parenting. Read more

How To Build a Stronger Connection With Your Teen

All parents want to have a good connection with their children. However, circumstances in life happen for both you and your children that prevent the kind of connection that you might hope for. Read more

The Myth That Your Child Needs You Less During Adolescence

Many times we see and hear how teenagers just don’t want to have anything to do with adults. It is even been normalized in our society to a point that parents are conditioned to expect and accept this phenomenon. However, while the period of adolescence is a time when most teenagers want more freedom and time to themselves, developmentally teens still need relationships with close, trusting, caring adults. Read more

The Village Concept and Your Teen

If you are like some of the parents I work with in counselling, you may approach the start of school with mixed emotions. Parts for you may feel liberation and relief, while other parts may be concern, worry, and even nervousness about how the school year is going to be for your teen. To alleviate some of your concerns, it is important to remember that the beginning of the school year can also be a time to create your village to help raise your teen. Read more

Becoming the Parent Your Adolescent Needs

One of the most important factors when trying to help your teen is considering the importance of connection or ‘attachment’ between your child and you. The stronger the attachment the more influence you will have on your teen. Every parent–child relationship is different and changes over time. But no matter where you are in the relationship with your teen it is always possible to improve the connection and foster a deeper attachment. Read more

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