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When it comes to dealing with teen issues and counselling for troubled teens, many people want to run the other way.

You may be wondering…

What Kind of Person Deals with Teens?

When I was a teacher in a high school setting, I was given the classes with the most, so-called “troubled kids”. At first apprehensive, I quickly discovered my talent and ability to see that these so-called problem teens were very bright, creative, and actually in need of adult attachment.

I became the adult that was not afraid of their emotional and behavioral issues that normally would totally confuse or push other people away. I learned how to stay calm when teenagers test clear boundaries, and to stay present when adolescents fall apart. I learned to use my sense of humour at appropriate times and believed in the worthiness of each one no matter where they were at with themselves and others.

After completing my degree as a clinical counsellor, I started work as a counsellor for teens. I helped develop and create the therapeutic component for the “Take-A-Hike Program” which is in its 7th year now. This is an alternative grade 11 and 12 school program for at risk youth ages 16 - 19. The focus of my work has been counselling for troubled teens individually, in groups, and with their families.

The students I have worked with in the school come from a wide range of social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. Issues I deal with range from anger, grief, confusion, loneliness, abusive relationships, drug and alcohol abuse.

I believe in a holistic approach where education, therapy, outdoor activity, and family involvement can really make a difference in a teenager’s life. I’m very much committed to my role as a counsellor for teens, as well as providing teen parent support and counselling. In my private practice I work with adults and run groups that focuses on taking care of the parents. I bring my experience from working in a fast paced, intensive, and tight-knit school based program.

I am very passionate about my work with parents of teens, in addition to working with teenagers themselves. I feel very excited to provide teen parent support and see parents get back their energy and self-confidence by or developing and expanding upon their parenting skills. I’m enthusiastic to help create that longed for break-through in communication and connection between parents and their children.

I’m keen to help parents be more the kind of parent they really want to be with their kids.

In my personal life I also have a family with two young children. And even I am continually tested as a father with stress, temper tantrums, and being unpopular when I have to be clear on boundaries. My wife and I continually need to come up with creative solutions to the daily challenges of parenting. We also enjoy the connection we have with our children and just as important each other. Both of us are committed as parents to help our children and ourselves grow from what life gives us.

Education, Training, Credentials and Experience

  • Master of Arts (MA) degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Seattle, WA.
  • Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC # 1958) with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors
  • Clinical Member of the Satir Institute of the Pacific
  • Completed level 1, 2, and advanced training in individual and family systems with the Satir Institute of the Pacific
  • Working as a therapist for the Take-A-Hike program as a counsellor for teens, parents, and families, using conventional and adventure-based counselling.
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Klaus Klein, MA, RCC
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Klaus Klein - Parent and Teen Counsellor

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